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5pcs Yoga Exercise Sets Ball Strap Brick Mat High Quality Yoga Set Woth Foot Pump

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Quick Details
Name:5pcs yoga exercise sets ball strap brick mat high quality Yoga Set woth foot pump
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
Item No.U2521 
Each set include:1.Yoga ball 65cm 1pc
2.Yoga strap 183x3.8m 1pc
3.Yoga brick 3"x6"x9" 2pcs
4.PVC Yoga mat 173x61x0.4cm 1 pc
5.Foot Pump 1pc
Color: Random colors/Customized

Packaging & Delivery
Packing Details:Colored box/carton
Sample Time:2-5 days for samples in stocks
Delivery Details:Ship within 45 days after payment

Customized logo
Customized package
Customized color
(Min Order qtys 1000 Sets)

Detailed introduction
Detailed introduction:5PCS YOGA EXERCISE KIT: One set includes one yoga ball, one yoga strap, one yoga brick, one yoga mat, and one foot pump.  
1. Yoga ballProfessional yoga balls promotes your overall strength, agility and balance at home, gym or in your office.
2. Yoga strapHelp the body to extend the depth of the body, shaping the elegant beauty of body, anxiliary extension and improve the function of the body.
3. Yoga brickImprove Yoga practisers' muscle strength, flexibility and keep balance
,Eco-friendly,Water-proof,Non-slipping, Nontoxic, Comfortable
4. Yoga matSoft and comfortable cushioning surface to avoid  muslce bruise
5. Foot pumpUsed for yoga or pilates exercise, to strength muscles, improve balancing ablity, 

Patent Certificate