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Custom Fitness Balance Training Eco Friendly Cork Yoga Wheel

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Quick Details
Name:custom fitness balance training eco friendly Cork Yoga Wheel
Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China
Item No.U2719D
Material:ABS, Cork, TPE
Color: Random colors/Customized

Packaging & Delivery
Packing Details:Colored box/carton
Sample Time:2-5 days for samples in stocks
Delivery Details:Ship within 30 days after payment

Customized logo
Customized package
Customized color
(Min Order qtys 1000 pcs)

Detailed introduction
Detailed introduction:1. Helps the practitioner stretch, massage and align the spine, open the chest and develop shoulder flexibility. 
2. Cork yoga wheels also meet the conditions of non-slip, tasteless, soft and elastic
3. Can be printed on the pattern, to add fun and innocence to traditional yoga activities.

Patent Certificate